This week I had a technical code challenge in which I had to use Docker for the first time. I got it up and running, but with no idea of what it was or why I was using it. Here, I’m going to save you a Google visit and tell you what you need to know.

According to the Docker website,

Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly. …

Perhaps the most important aspect of a website (besides the content itself) is how visually appealing it shows on the users’ end. Here, I am going to outline some neat CSS tricks to really get your page to pop.

Text Borders

Want your headers, bulletins, and lists to stand out? Try adding an outline around your text:

h1 {

-webkit-text-stroke: 1px blue;


Image rendering

Want to tell the browser how the image should be zoomed in/out? Try using the image-rendering property:

img {

image-rendering: crisp-edges;


Customizing Text Selection

If you want the portion that is selected by the user to pop, use a selection pseudo-element:

HTML and CSS are the core beginnings of every development project. For that reason, it is usually the first thing software engineers in training pick up. We rarely have time to go back and study the basics of HTML after picking up multiple programming languages… until now. Here, I will outline everything you should have remembered about HTML in Computer Science 101.

“HTML” is short for Hyper Text Markup Language. Its primary role is to describe the structure of your web page and telling the browser how to display your content.




<title>Your Vey Own Page Title</title>

Sass, or Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets, is a scripting language extension of CSS. It gives you new features that aren’t found in standard CSS that make creating your page easier. Let’s go through some of the basic features…

Sass, unlike CSS, uses variables to store data. We create variables using ‘$’ here are some examples:

$header-color: black;
$body-font: Arial;

Mixins are a feature of Sass that make CSS declarations reuseable. Let’s use the example of a mixin from the Sass website and explain it:

@mixin reset-list {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
list-style: none;

@mixin horizontal-list {
@include reset-list

Whether a user is accessing your site from an iPhone, an iPad, or a PC, they will expect a good user experience. There are a few tools in CSS that allow you to design a flexible site to ensure a great experience for all users regardless of their device.

Adding Responsive Images:

Responsive images will automatically adjust to the size of the user’s screen. This is useful for creating aesthetically pleasing web pages no matter which device is being used. It is very easy to make images responsive:

img {
max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

Believe it or not, this is all you…

React — JavaScript’s bigger, badder little brother. Being a framework of JS and using similar syntax with JSX, if you already know JavaScript, React is worth learning for its functionality alone. Similar to functions in JavaScript, components accept props (inputs) and tell your computer what should be loading on the screen.

A component is essentially a building block of React. You could describe a React project as a Lego Castle and components as individual Lego blocks that make it complete. These components make it easier to locate parts of your code that you would like to update, especially when dealing…

Algorithms are important for software engineers to understand. Among some of the most tested interview subjects is how to make code run more quickly and efficiently. This is where the Big O Notation comes in. When you’re dealing with large amounts of data, understanding the Big O and cutting your running time will become critical to your code.

Big O essentially measures and expresses how complex your code is. It’s a great guide for ensuring that your run-time runs efficiently relative to the input. This is done by a ranking system using “O’s” and “n’s”.

In Big O, the “O’s”…

SQL stands for structured query language. SQL is the language of relational databases. It is used as a storage place for data that may be used to analyze for business needs.

A database is a collection of tables consisting of primary keys which can be queried with our SQL scripts. The data is able to be used inside a programming language. So, essentially, SQL is a language that communicates with databases.

If you want to collect, add or modify data in a database, you would use SQL. SQL makes it possible to easily find information stored in files or tables…

I began my job search after graduating from a software engineering boot-camp. After hours on LinkedIn looking for new opportunities, I realized that my current knowledge alone wouldn’t help me stand out from other candidates. Here, I will outline some of the basic technical fundamentals of C# that I have learned from a free military learning resource called With You With Me so far. While I haven’t gotten far in the curriculum, I will continue my blog post series to keep track of the lessons.


Comments are blocks of information that are written by developers, for developers and will be…

If you’re a programmer, you’ve likely heard of Ruby or its cousin Rails. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language. Ruby on Rails is a framework of Ruby. Here, I’ll outline some major characteristics of the two and summarize why I think you should learn both and in which order.

I want to iterate that while there are some differences, without Ruby there would be no Rails.


Ruby is an interpreted scripting language that is fast and one of the easier languages to learn. You don’t have to declare or type variables, the syntax is consistent, and it offers immediate feedback…

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