Fundamental Vanilla JavaScript

let name = ‘DJ’;

let myHeight = 72;

myHeight = 75;


**Here’s 2 variables**

let name = ‘DJ’;

let age = 25;

**These variables are related because they’re part of a person, so instead of declaring two variables, we can declare a person object. This will allow us to reference the person object rather than these two different variables**

let person = {

name: ‘DJ’.

age: 25


let roomColors = [white, black, beige]

let roomColors = [white, black, beige];

roomColors[3] = ‘green’;


function greet() {

console.log(‘Hello World’);



function greet(name) {

console.log(‘Hello ’+ name);


function greet(name, lastName){

console.log(‘Hello ’ + name + ‘ ’ + lastName);

greet(‘DJ’, ‘Draper’)



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