HTML — How Much Do You Actually Know?

HTML and CSS are the core beginnings of every development project. For that reason, it is usually the first thing software engineers in training pick up. We rarely have time to go back and study the basics of HTML after picking up multiple programming languages… until now. Here, I will outline everything you should have remembered about HTML in Computer Science 101.

“HTML” is short for Hyper Text Markup Language. Its primary role is to describe the structure of your web page and telling the browser how to display your content.




<title>Your Vey Own Page Title</title>





The first line of each HTML document is <!DOCTYPE HTML> which tells us that the document is HTML5. The second/eighth line is your <html> element which is the root of your HTML page. The third line is your <head> element which contains some more information about your page. The fourth line is your <title> element which gives you the ability to name your page! It is shown on the top of your page, specifically on the tab. Your sixth/seventh line is your <body> element which is the actual container for all visible parts of your webpage. This is where you’ll store your headings, paragraphs, pictures, etc.

Congrats on getting this far! Never forget to freshen up on the basics to impress your non-technical friends.

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