SQL stands for structured query language. SQL is the language of relational databases. It is used as a storage place for data that may be used to analyze for business needs.

A database is a collection of tables consisting of primary keys which can be queried with our SQL scripts. The data is able to be used inside a programming language. So, essentially, SQL is a language that communicates with databases.

If you want to collect, add or modify data in a database, you would use SQL. SQL makes it possible to easily find information stored in files or tables rather than manually searching for the information yourself — or paying someone else to do it for you. If the information you’re searching for were in two separate tables, you only need to type one command to search for the information in one clump that is easy to understand.

You may have also heard of MySQL. They are similar but MySQL is an open-source database system that is used for web databases and utilized by database-driven web apps. Its main purpose is to keep data within a database organized.

It is important to understand that SQL has different syntaxes that can vary from company to company. While SQL may only work with relational databases, learning it now can save you a lot of time in the long run. Regardless of your career field, you may benefit from knowing SQL as it makes it easy to find information in a database.

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